10 interesting facts about working with a computer

Gadgets in our life have become an integral part, but how much do we know about them? Few people even remember the date of the invention of the first computer. MINIBOSS Business School highly appreciates all-round development and the opportunity to gain new and interesting knowledge on a regular and pleasant basis. To do this, we propose to learn a little more about the use of a computer, which for many in the modern world is daily, in the format of our small fact collection.

  1. Reading from the screen is slightly slower than reading from paper. This is one of the advantages of print media. The speed of reading information from a computer is lower by as much as 10%.
  2. There is a holiday - World Computer Security Day. If you want to support the flow of cyber literacy, you can also celebrate this holiday - on November 30 every year.
  3. There is a well-known statement that people who work a lot with computers are more likely to have visual impairment. Technology advances and screens are becoming more eye-friendly, but the fact that a person blinks at a computer about 7 times a minute instead of 20, which leads to dry eyes, remains true.
  4. Due to the introduction of online payments and the widespread use of contactless payments, only about 10% of the world's currency is physical, and everything else is a set of codes that exist “inside” our plastic cards.
  5. Everyone knows what a keyboard looks like - three rows of letters that are far from alphabetical. And this arrangement was explained as optimal for a set of words from adjacent letters. And the longest word you can type using just one of these rows is typewriter.
  6. Mindfulness with the letters in your email is necessary, especially after the fact that you will find out now. More than 80 percent of emails sent daily are spam.
  7. Do you know what the most famous corporations Apple, HP and Microsoft have in common? Their stories began not with spacious offices and wealthy entrepreneurs, but with someone's ... garage.
  8. There is a certain phobia that is gaining momentum in the modern world and can statistically "move" claustrophobia (fear of enclosed space) from the leading position. It's called cyberphobia and is characterized by a fear of computers and their use.
  9. YouTube is one of the most popular video services. About a hundred hours of new materials appear on this site every minute!
  10. The most important "computer" remains the human brain, since there are simply no analogues for its power. If it were, it would be performing 38 thousand trillion operations per second.
There is one fascinating technique - every week try to find out an interesting fact about any phenomenon, event or object, then in six months you will collect an incredible store of knowledge that will help you to support any conversation. Use the facts in this compilation as one piece of this big puzzle. And, returning to the beginning of our article, we remind you that the first mechanical analog computer was developed in 1927.




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