Upbringing Recommendations from MINIBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOL

For more than​ 15 ​ years international educational network from Great Britain - MINIBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOL gives an opportunity for wise parents to make the most important investment in their lives- invest in their own children.

It is better to grasp the fundamentals of economics and entrepreneurship in a team of experienced teachers, entrepreneurs, successful businessmen, and patrons than on illimitable space of market system.

The system of weekend business-school MINIBOSS BUSINESSSCHOOL lets a child to immerse into deep knowledge of surrounding world; to find out about correlation in economics, politics, public processes; to expand their talents; to learn monetizing them; to learn to take up the information consciously and to conceive the real life through the prism of knowledge, but not learning “the history of humanity” by heart, which is offered by the government advocacy.

Down-to-earth thinking person not making simple mistakes during the life path- this is the aim in upbringing a successful person.

Unfortunately general education establishments can’t give children a recipe how to learn earn money, how to build entrepreneurship, to develop business, etc.

General educational establishment doesn’t grow “the heirs of parents’ businesses. The aim of general education is to grow as many diverse personalities as many possible for non-stop functioning of governmental processes.

Thus and so, the educational system educates street cleaners, scientists and “millionaires” at the same time. Neither the teacher, nor the minister of education can’t define these tiny bounds. In one case- the educator of a successful person is a family, in another case “just a case”. The scientific department of International educational network from Great Britain-MINIBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOL has been successfully implementing patented technique of forming a successful person for many years.

How to get 100% guarantee of your child’s success our scientists-teachers and effective entrepreneurs-mentors definitely know. They share their knowledge in classrooms, forums and championships, which are organized by International educational network MINIBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOL.

Being an ab solute world leader of business education International educational network MINIBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOL forms the fundamentals of your children’s and families’’ future. It means that this school combines all types of knowledge, which the child gets from school, family and personally from other outside sources of information.

Business-school MINIBOSS complements, systemizes already received knowledge and makes to appertain a new one differently. The students of International educational network MINIBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOL begin to learn by osmosis with greed right after several months of education, they become leaders in their communities and they differ from their equals in age as to the understanding of correlation between singly knowledge and received at school one.

The tendencies of understanding the necessity of mission and aim of MINIBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOL by entrepreneurs, businessmen, government and society, in general define the pace of International educational network development.

In such a way there were 8 franchising schools opened for the last 8 months in Poland, Georgia, Russia and Ukraine.

The franchisees from Cyprus, Armenia and Azerbaijan have undergone the training.

10s of Reports were signed of a desire to open business-schools with Industrial Business and Trade Association, schools and lyceums in different countries.

This year, the franchising model offered by the European Bureau of Business Development, being the owner of “MINIBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOL” brand and author’s methods combined in the Scope of exclusive rights of “MINIBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOL” (www.miniboss-school.biz), will give an opportunity to open tens of business-schools around the world. This will let us teach children business in their hometowns, without sending them to study in closed holiday hotels of Europe, America or England.

The affordability is also obvious. The fortunate in whose towns the weekend schools of International educational network MINIBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOL are being opened or are already functioning can invest in the development of their children only from 150 Euro per month, but not 10000-50000 $ or Euro for the same education abroad.

The advantages of a child learning in comfort language zone and staying with the family are also evident.

The educators from around the world agree that under 16 year old children should stay with the family. Exactly during this time the fundamentals of inner family communication is laid out for the rest of their lives.

If you want to have a close-knit family with its traditions and success formula, the educators of MINIBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOL strongly don’t recommend sending children abroad for studies, no matter how meaningful these studies are. The happy family is not the families whose children are away, who you see only once a year, but the family that lives in love and care for each other.

This care and support shouldn’t mean one telephone call or money transaction. Each person needs tactile sensation and close presence in the family. Then the philosophy of family happiness becomes the philosophy of each member of this family. The family itself becomes a team that leads a successful business with mutual understanding of processes.

Unfortunately general school can’t grow the seeds of such relationship. There is a tendency among each and every young person without exception to go abroad for living and they don’t even see the opportunity to work, or to have business, or even to find happiness in marriage.

Only International educational network MINIBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOL suggests a special 8 year course (!) of additional education of children and a special course for parents, which were created as an indivisible system for co-operative with teachers children’s upbringing. The success is based only on co-operative actions, co-operative projects, co-operative family decisions and co-operative ups and downs.

The success and singularity of the method itself lays in giving the materials in playing forms by means of weekly Saturday trainings, master-classes, forums and championships, summer business camps, business-fests and informative business trips on the largest enterprises of the world; also in masterminded educational and methodology materials that don’t have analogue in the world.

Please check out on our website www.miniboss-school.com if there is a MINIBOSS business-school in YOUR TOWN.

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We are happy to remind you that starting from 2016 International educational network MINIBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOL announces about the new plan of DEVELOPMENT IN OTHER COUNTRIES and about the recommended prices for educational programs.

The recommended price for teaching children:
  • For towns with the population under 1 million people from 150 Euro per month
  • For towns with the population under 3 million people from 250 Euro per month
  • For towns with the population under 5 million people from 350 Euro per month
  • For towns with the population over 5 million people from 450 Euro per month For International Financial Centers (London, New-York, Zurich, Frankfurt am Mein, Luxemburg, Singapore and others) from 750 per month




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