A new set of on 2017-2018 academic year

A new set of on 2017-2018 academic year

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Upbringing Recommendations from MINIBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOL

For more than 15 years International educational network from Great Britain - MINIBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOL gives an opportunity for wise parents to make the most important investment in their lives- invest in their own children.

It is better to grasp the fundamentals of economics and entrepreneurship in a team of experienced teachers, entrepreneurs, successful businessmen, and patrons than on illimitable space of market system.

The system of weekend business-school MINIBOSS BUSINESSSCHOOL lets a child to immerse into deep knowledge of surrounding world; to find out about correlation in economics, politics, public processes; to expand their talents; to learn monetizing them; to learn to take up the information consciously and to conceive the real life through the prism of knowledge, but not learning “the history of humanity” by heart, which is offered by the government advocacy.

Down-to-earth thinking person not making simple mistakes during the life path- this is the aim in upbringing a successful person.

Unfortunately general education establishments can’t give children a recipe how to learn earn money, how to build entrepreneurship, to develop business, etc.

Friday, 22 January 2016

Who will teach Russian children Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship?

International educational network MINIBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOL
being an International training center for children and teens among 6-14 year olds
is planning its opening in Moscow at the beginning of Februaury 2016.

As experts note, MINIBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOL that has an experience in opening business-schools in Eastern countries, the population with huge inspiration perceives the following system of additional trainings.

International educational network MINIBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOL is planning to open more than 200 franchise schools in Russia in a few years, which is absolutely affordable for enterprising young population and also functioning as a social inquiry within the public-private partnership in any world region. The first business-school of International educational network MINIBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOL, according to tradition of course, is opened in capitals. The executives of business-school are going to open schools in several regions of Moscow during the following year. The first school will start working in commonwealth with well-known Business-club and сoworking platform “Delovar” which is based in Moscow Palace of Youth on Komsomolskiy Avenue.

Monday, 11 January 2016


MINIBOSS - is one of the most rewarding businesses today, which gives children the opportunity to become successful in adult life, whatever they may do in the future!
We learn to monetize their talents and knowledge!
We study our students how to get spiritual and material wealth!

MINIBOSS - extremely stable business financially. Our long experience in this field shows that even in the most difficult years of crisis in the economy, parents understand that the guarantee of the future wealth of their children in their special business education. Such "special" education with the secrets of a successful education and a strong personality (regardless of the profile of the future) - gives MINIBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOL. Therefore, we guarantee consistently high financial profit from this kind of activity, with its ever-increasing trend.



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